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(A) Approval Drawings-
Approval drawings are submitted upon request. If approval drawings are requested, fabrication will not start until one set of the approval drawings has been signed by the buyer or his representative as "Approved As Is" or "Approved As Noted" and returned to Vardhman Steel.
Approval drawings are issued as "Not For Construction" drawings; the contractor is specifically instructed not to use` dimensions shown on approval drawings for his civil work, foundation work, etc. Vardhman Steel shall not be responsible for any consequences arising from the premature use of information provided in drawings that are not issued for construction.
(B) Erection Drawings-
Erection Drawings, "Issued For Construction", are provided for the assembly of the building(s) and consist of an anchor bolt setting plan, a frame cross-section, a roof framing plan, wall framing details and roof and wall sheeting details. Part marks for all Bill of Materials (BOM) components shall be shown on erection drawings.
Bolt schedules identifying the required bolt diameter and length for specific connections will be shown on erection drawings.
(C) Design Calculations-
Structural calculations may be provided upon request, duly certified by a Registered Professional Engineer.
(D) Design Certification-
A letter of certification, in lieu of design calculations, may be provided upon request, duly certified by a Registered Professional Engineer. Statements, descriptions, specifications and dimensions contained herein are in effect as of the date of this issue. Vardhman Steel reserves the right to make material substitutions and changes in specifications and construction methodology as and when deemed necessary.