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Vardhman's Portable Cabin offers the latest designee and materials for portable cabins.

By using the unique quality materials, combined with strict quality disciplines, Vardhman's Portable Cabin are Prefabricated Structures which has many benefits.

Portacabins are small prefabricated shelters that are safe, secure, comfortable and can be easily relocated. Portacabins can be provided with shelf and furniture and are available in various sizes, depending on the requirements. Porta cabin is an independent unit in itself with their own floor, ceiling, walls, doors, windows and its installation does not involve any construction at site. Porta cabins are fully resistant to water, fire and termites. Porta cabin can be easily dismantled, transported and re-erected at any site, which makes it very economical.
We cover a wide range of prefabricated cabins and can be used for temporary or permanent housing accommodations in all type of areas such as schools, offices, hospitals, telephone booths, garages, green houses, traffic sheds, security cabins etc. These prefabs are easily relocatable, portable, easy to erect, strong and durable, suitable for all type of weather conditions and for all types of sheltering application.