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Vardhman Prefabricated Mezzanine is a cost effective and time efficient way to create additional storage space in any new or existing building. Mezzanines create additional floor space by going up not out, saving you the considerable cost of new construction. The prefabricated design also saves time since all components arrive prefabricated and ready for immediate installation.
Vardhman's Structures prefabricated mezzanines are constructed utilizing all structural steel components and are designed in strict compliance with the Indian Standards & IBC (International Building Code).

Our Mezzanine Systems is dedicated to providing our customers with the most durable, economical, and efficient alternatives for expanding their working space. Our prefabricated mezzanines, work platforms, ladders, and catwalks are engineered to be installed indoors or outdoors and can turn any unused space into new office, warehouse, storage, or production areas.

Our modular mezzanine design is the result of over 15 years experience in facility design and layout, gained through solving space problems in hospitals, distribution centers, warehouses, automobile dealerships, stockrooms, and production facilities. The custom designed modular Mezzanine systems can be configured to your unique building requirements and our lightweight beams facilitate installation over existing shelving, machinery, or work areas. They are easily integrated with pick modules, vertical lifts, conveyors, and racking or shelving systems, and are also made to be built around machinery or tanks in production areas.