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22). Will you provide design details before supplying / erecting your structure?

Yes, Vardhman Building Systems will submit detailed design calculations and drawings to client for approval prior to fabrication of the building. All comments received from client on the approval drawings are incorporated by us in the final Erection Drawings and in fabrication.

23). What is the minimum thickness of your Primary members?

Unless otherwise specified, the minimum thickness for built-up sections is 5 mm which complies with ISO and AISC code too. However, if a client specifies any other minimum thickness, Vardhman will provide the same.

24). What is the alternative of Rod bracing if they are to be avoided?

We can provide angle bracing instead of rod bracing when required. At walls when rod bracing is not allowed due to access or other reasons, we will provide portal bracing as per design requirements.

25). How do you control temperature inside the building?

Vardhman will provide insulation at roof and wall to achieve the required temperature value. To control the temperature inside the building beyond this value, requires the client to provide a suitably designed HVAC system.

26). Please explain compatibility to fire resistance requirements of    main structural frames, covering             etc..? Modification to existing structure - Is it done by welding or bolting?

Fire resistance on steel structure can be achieved by enclosing the steel with a fire protection system. This can be done by spray application of fire resistance coating on steel members or enclosing the steel with gypsum board as per UL approved details. We will design the system to achieve the required fire rating. To field stiffen an existing structural member, it is normal practice to weld cover plates, angles, web stiffeners, etc., as per design requirements. Vardhman Building Systems can provide the required detail when requested.

27). What kind of maintenance is required on Vardhman's Pre-
            Engineered buildings?

Vardhman provides maintenance instructions for the supplied buildings. Generally maintenance is limited to periodic checking and cleaning of roof and gutters. Also accessories and moving parts need periodic maintenance. Thus we can say that Vardhman Buildings are almost maintenance free.