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9). Do you also design the foundation?

Yes Vardhman will provide column reactions and base plate details on an Anchor Bolt plan drawing. It is our responsibility to design the foundations to support the column reactions based on local conditions.

10). Do you provide design calculations?

Yes Vardhman will provide design calculations for the building, whenever requested, for approval by consultant / client.

12). Are your connections site bolted or welded?

All field connections are only using bolts. There is absolutely no site welding required. This is one of the major advantages with Vardhman Building Systems, which considerably reduces the time for site erection.

13). Can Vardhman provide portable type units for field offices, stores and small workshops?

As the Building are assembled at site by using nuts and bolts, the units can be dismantled and shifted to new locations and reassembled. We can also provide small portable units which can be transported on trucks in one piece from place to place.

14). Economy is very important in warehouse construction for lease purpose. Will Vardhman Building            Systems deliver the goods taking this aspect into account?

Vardhman Building System is ideally suited for warehouse construction. We have supplied several thousand warehouses in India for the state and private warehousing corporations. Due to the significant optimization capabilities of our system and the quick delivery, the customer will benefit from cost and time savings on the project.

15). It appears that you have to predetermine all the requirements before ordering the building. It may            not be possible sometimes. What is the flexibility available for any change in requirements later?

It is more economical to initially design the building incorporating future requirements like future increase in width, length, loading additional cranes, etc. This will avoid any site modification work later.

However in cases where client needs a building modification which was not previously considered, this can be done at any time by site modifications. However, to avoid this, normally, consultants take a conservative approach and initially specify higher design loads to cover for future requirements.

16). How do you quote the rates? What is the mode of payment?

We do not quote unit rates. Vardhman Building Systems will design and price the building and sign the contract based on fixed lump sum price. The standard mode of payment is 20% down payment and balance by L/C.

 17). What sorts of details of erection assistance is provided by Vardhman Building Systems?

Vardhman provides detailed erection drawings, Erection procedures manual and free technical assistance through visit of Vardhman’s Technical Representative to the site during erection. Vardhman also carries out erection works on a turnkey service.

18). Is it possible to dismantle the building and reconstruct it at another place? What will be the cost of                the new and reassembled building?

Yes, since the building is site assembled using nuts and bolts, it is possible to dismantle and rebuild at a new location. The cost-benefits have to be worked out on a case by case basis which would depend on size, complexity and distance to new location.

19). Can we have a masonry wall as exterior skin/interior partition as in the case of residential  buildings            - from bondage point of view    between structural steel and masonry walls?

Yes, Masonry walls can be tied to the Building Steel columns with ties for lateral support. In such cases Vardhman will design the structure with low horizontal deflections to prevent cracking of masonry.

Sometimes consultants will detail the masonry wall to be isolated from the steel structure which will allow for more optimization of steel building and lower cost. When required, we can also provide beams to support masonry walls above openings etc. Vardhman Building design will follow the requirements of the architectural drawings on any project.

20). Is it possible to have concrete slabs for different floors and how    is the slab laid above the    steel                structure?

Yes, Vardhman provides steel deck over steel floor framing to cast sit in slabs. The steel deck acts as a shuttering to support the wet concrete. The slab should be reinforced and designed for the total floor loads.

21). What is the percentage of saving in cost of foundations using Vardhman Building system compared
            to conventional steel buildings?

Due to lower self weight, we estimate savings to be at least 7% However if you compare with local method of using fixed bases versus pinned bases in Vardhman Building design the saving would be in excess of 27-40%.